local curriculum หลักสูตรท้องถิ่น เรื่อง สวนสวยด้วยสองมือ


The Development of Local Curriculum “a Beautiful Small Park with
Two Hands” 
:The use of local learning resources, combined
with information 

 Main concept

   The learning area of occupations and technology contributes to development of learners in acquiring knowledge and understanding basic skills essential to their lives.  Learners will be alert to changes and able to apply knowledge about living, occupations and technology to their work  with creativity and competitiveness in Thai society and the world community.

   But in fact, the learners in many schools especially in the remote area cannot reach the main goal of the curriculum. So the school and the teachers should try to find many ways to help them including developing the local curriculum. This research is one of many ways to help the students to improve their practical skill and their creative idea by studying the subject “Setting the small park with two hands”;using various learning resources in the community.


 The purpose of the research.
    The purposes of this research was to develop the local curriculum on  the beautiful small park with two hands for Mattayomsuksa VI students at Nonhanwittayayon School. Procedures developed 4 steps as follow:

     1) to study fundamental data

     2) to develop the local curriculum

     3) to implement the local curriculum

     4) to evaluate and improve the local curriculum

 Research Question

     1.  How does the fundamental data for development of the local curriculum on “a beautiful small park with two hands” for Mattayomsuksa VI students?
    2. What are the compositions of a local curriculum on “a beautiful small park with two hands” for Mattayomsuksa VI students?
    3. How to use the local curriculum on “a beautiful small park with two hands” for Mattayomsuksa VI students?
    4. Are the results of the evaluation and curriculum improving after learning difference than before learning? What is the level of student satisfaction with the local curriculum?



     The sample of this study comprised 33 Mattayomsuksa VI students at the Non Han Wittayayon School who were studying during the first semester of the 2012 academic year for 40 hours.  The research instruments include 1) the local curriculum on a beautiful small park with two hands, 2) questionnaires and interview forms for group discussion, 3) a learning achievement test, 4) assessment forms for work-ability on landscaping and 5) questionnaires on students’ opinion regarding the use of the local curriculum.  The data were analyzed by percentage (%), mean (), standard deviation (S.D.), t-test dependent and content analysis.


The results

      1) The results of study of fundamental data indicated that students and relevant persons want to develop the local curriculum on “a beautiful small park with two hands”, in the form of learning development from environment to construct the knowledge. The knowledge was used for design and improving the area around the school.  In addition, the learning activities and evaluation were assessed by a teacher and a landscaping expert.

       2) The results of the local curriculum development indicated that the developed local curriculum consisted  of the following elements: concept, principle, objective, course description, learning outcomes, subject, curriculum structure/studying time, unit, instruction guideline, learning activity, educational media and resource, learning evaluation and measurement, and lesson plan.  The content of a local curriculum was separated into 5 units: 1) observation data, 2) inspiration building, 3) cooperative design, 4) story building in a small park and 5) public relation.  The curriculum was suitable and the index of item objective congruence (IOC) value of each item ranged from 0.80 to 1.00. 
      3) The results of the curriculum implementation indicated that mainly students in experimental group were active, interest in learning activities and cooperative designs on landscaping. 
      4) The results of the evaluation and curriculum improving indicated that the learning achievement of students after learning was higher than before learning  with a different statistic at a significance level of .05. The student satisfaction with learning activities of  the local curriculum was at high level.



 Students learn and practice the basic knowledge about small park design  from video, practice, worksheets, knowledge sheets and learning resources on the network (www.kruaree.in.th). 


Inspiration Building


 Student inspiration was build using the lectures from local resource persons, the study on small park patterns, small park-pattern analysis, plant type, materials and small park equipment from the local learning resource.


Cooperative design


 Students to cooperate in the design of a small park by the school as a learning resource in the facility landscaping.


The story building in a small park.


 Public relations


 How to develop the use of local resources, learning with information technology.


Explore learning resources and local resources

Ideas from teachers, parents, local wisdom.

Local curriculum development.

Website development : http://kruaree.in.th

Use in teaching and research.

To develop a lesson on the network in the future.